Nick "Beansy" Cota
Nick "Beansy" Cota
Key information
Birth place Chicago, Illinois, USA
Status Alive
Profession Organized crime enforcer
Relationships Vincent Savino - boss
Anthony "Red" Cervelli - boss
Vic Borelli - colleague
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Sonny Marinelli
Season 1
Episode "Pilot"
Nick "Beansy" Cota is an organized crime enforcer from Chicago, Illinois.



Borelli works for Anthony "Red" Cervelli, manager of the Savoy Casino on behalf of Chicago's Rizzo crime family. He grew up with Red in Chicago. He is nominally employed as hotel security but also serves as an enforcer for Red, alongside Vic Borelli.[1]

Season 1Edit

Chicago mobster Vincent Savino meets his colleagues Anthony "Red" Cervelli, Vic Borelli, and Beansy at the airport. Red greets Savino warmly. Beansy mutters to Vic that he used to see Savino in the neighborhood before he was sent to run Havana.[1]

Savino's first priority is locating Sheriff Clyde Herrigan, who the mob believes is a government informant. Red's people drive him out to a slot machine warehouse. Red wonders how long he will be staying in town and Savino reveals that he is also there to take over the running of the Savoy Casino. The mob funded venue has been hemorrhaging cash under Red's leadership despite having only opened its doors six months earlier. [1]

Beansy and Vic have kidnapped and severely beaten a casino dealer, Toby Grasso, who is a friend of the sheriff. Savino seethes at the unnecessary violence, particularly when Grasso reveals that he worked for Savino at the Colonial. Savino delivers a beating of his own on Beansy for his thoughtless action. Grasso readily reveals that Herrigan is staying with his sister in Anderson.[1]

Savoy employee Samantha Meade is found dead at the Nevada Test Site. Deputy Ralph Lamb, a rancher, is assigned to investigate. Red is wary of Lamb and orders Beansy and Vic to follow him. They lose him while he is in the casino and he uncovers evidence implicating the Credit Department Manager Bob Perrin.[1]

Ralph comes looking for Perrin at the Savoy. Beansy is unable to stop him from confronting Savino. Savino is outraged at Ralph raiding the hotel armed and protests that Perrin is not there. Savino accuses Ralph of trespassing but he refuses to leave. He finds a photo of Perrin with a CESSNA airplane on his desk. He heads back to McCarran Field, where Perrin is attempting to flee in the plane, and arrests him.[1]

DA Reynolds arranges to meet Sheriff Clyde on the pretense of helping him. Clyde says that he is willing to talk to the federal authorities about organized crime in Las Vegas for safe passage out of the state. Reynolds has actually led Savino right to Clyde. Reynolds drives off and Clyde tries to escape but is murdered by Beansy.[1]




Behind the scenesEdit

Nick "Beansy" Cota is a recurring character in the first season. He is played by guest star Sonny Marinelli.


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