Anthony "Red" Cervelli
Anthony "Red" Cervelli
Key information
Birth place Chicago, Illinois
Status Alive
Profession Organized Crime Lieutenant
Casino Manager
Relatives Mrs. Cervelli - Mother
Relationships Vincent Savino - Boss
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by James Russo
Season 1
Episode "Pilot"
Anthony "Red" Cervelli is an organized crime figure from Chicago, Illinois. He is a lieutenant of the Rizzo crime family. He is an old friend of Savoy Casino Manager Vincent Savino and his right hand in Las Vegas.



Red grew up in Chicago with Vincent Savino. They both became involved with the Rizzo Crime Family. Red was chosen to oversee the family's interest in the Savoy Casino, Las Vegas and moved to Vegas in 1959. He installed his mother in the casino's kitchens. He brought Nick "Beansy" Cota with him from Chicago to act as the casino's security chief and his primary enforcer. Vic Borelli is his other key enforcer.[1]

Season 1Edit

Vincent is sent to Las Vegas to take over running the Savoy Casino. Red has disappointed Don Rizzo with his management of the operation, losing money to thieving employees and endangering the casino license by failing to control Sheriff Clyde Herrigan.[1]

Savino quickly spots problems in the way the casino is working, rooting out a thieving dealer and ordering flowers removed from the tables because they are blocking the security cameras. Savino prioritizes finding the Sheriff and is able to located him with the help of corrupt District Attorney Rich Reynolds. He has Beansy murder Herrigan to prevent him from testifying against the organization.[1]

Red is concerned when rancher Ralph Lamb is assigned to investigate the murder of one of his employees, accounts clerk Samantha Meade. Lamb roots out Credit Department Manager Bob Perrin as the culprit. Perrin was running a scam by keeping unsuitable client's credit lines open in exchange for bribes and Samantha uncovered his activity. Red was unaware of Perrin's activities. Savino orders Red to have Perrin killed in prison to prevent him giving evidence about the organization.[1]




Behind the scenesEdit

Anthony "Red" Cervelli is a recurring character in the first season. He is played by guest star James Russo.


Season 1 appearances
"Pilot" "Money Plays" "All That Glitters" "(Il)legitimate" "Solid Citizens"
"The Real Thing" "Bad Seeds" "Exposure" "Episode 9" "Episode 10"
"Episode 11" "Episode 12" "Episode 13"


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